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Why You Should Book Your Next Women’s Adventure, Holiday, Camp or Retreat With Boundless Betty

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Time is something we all feel we have too little of, so now more than ever it’s so important to make each little bit count which includes the time we take for ourselves to have fun. Dreams can be realised and new paths forged if we take the time to feed our souls and do the things we love in the company of those that encourage and inspire us.

Here are some of the reasons that we think you should take some time and book your next women’s adventure, holiday, camp or retreat with Boundless Betty:

We care about the environment

This is one point that we hope sets us apart, not only do we care, but we’re actively doing something about it!

We’ve partnered with a wonderful reforestation project and have pledged to plant 10 Trees for every booking made via the Boundless Betty platform.

When you book your next women’s adventure, holiday, camp or retreat, not only are you going to have a mega good time but you can be safe in the knowledge that we are giving a little bit back and planting not 1 but 10 trees on your behalf. So, make a booking, feed your soul with adventure and know you’ve done a little good by planting 10much-needed trees!

We hope that by opening the door to adventure and leading by example to give a little back that we can help to increase environmental awareness through a “love of your playground” and inspire others to do their bit to protect this wonderful planet we are all super lucky to call home.

We want to connect and inspire adventure-seeking women

Women are inherently awesome and we want to make sure more of you get to hang out together!

Sharing a retreat, camp, holiday or adventure with a group or strong, passionate like-minded women is an experience like no other. There is always a little bit of infectious magic in the air that makes fears seem surmountable and leaving our comfort zones inevitable as we encourage and inspire each other, laugh a lot and live for the outdoors.

We are pretty sure you’ll leave one of these experiences with a newfound perspective, a twinkle in your eyes and some friendships that will last a lifetime.

We have an incredible selection of adventure and sports based women’s weekends, camps, retreats and holidays all in one place

The concept was to create an awesome mind blowing hub of inspiration where you can search and book your next adventure. We think we’ve done it!

We’ve sourced a diverse selection of amazing women’s weekends, camps, retreats and holidays from around the world covering a huge variety of different sports and adventures from ski touring in Iceland to yoga in Bali with everything in between.

We’ve put them all on one beautiful and easy to use platform so you can get inspired if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, search for your perfect holiday or simply make a booking.

We only promote authentic experiences hosted by passionate operators in amazing locations.

Let’s face it no one dreams of a mediocre experience!

Which is why, we ensure that when you book a camp, holiday or retreat via Boundless Betty it will be hosted by an operator crazy passionate about their particular sport or adventure in one of their most favorite destinations. Enabling them to impart their infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of the location, and giving you the opportunity to experience the spot like a local and have an unforgettable camp, holiday or retreat.


We hope we’ve managed to inspire you and your burning to get over to the website and get yourself booked on an awesome adventure.

Photo from The Salty Souls Experience who have some incredibly awesome women’s surf retreats that you REALLY need to check out.

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