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What’s in the Boundless Backpack: Sun God Custom Revolt Goggles

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Sun God Revolt Goggles

We had heard quite a bit of hype around Sun God and their goggles and seen lots of Instagram action so we were super excited when the opportunity arose to take their Custom Revolts for a spin.

To ensure that we came back with a fair review we also asked our friends at the Women’s Mountian Club Chamonix to chip in and share their feedback with us as they’re pretty straight talking ladies and are in the mountains putting the Custom Revolts to the test every day.

Here’s what they (Sun God) say:

“If they break (or you break them) we’ll repair your Revolts free of charge” This is all we want to hear – a sustainable solution from a company who clearly has confidence in their product!

Aside from that, there’s no cheesy sales pitch telling us why we can’t live without these goggles, just the ability to jump straight into the simple and very fun to play with design phase after which they lay down the facts in terms of tech specs (we won’t go into that you can read it on the website). Retail at €120

Here’s what we say:

If we are 100% honest we were slightly apprehensive at first, it all sounded too good to be true, great looking goggles that you can design yourself, with interchangeable lenses, at a great price, and on top of that, they’ll repair them if we faceplant and break them. WHAT?! Surely there must be a catch?!

Our major concern was that this catch would be in the quality which of course would be a no go, bad goggles are a sure fire way to ruin a great day out. So, off we went on our first outing and we’re not going to lie we even packed a trusty pair of old gogs in the backpack just to be on the safe side!

We are very pleased to report the spare goggles were absolutely not needed. We found the Custom Revolts fitted well with all of our helmets, stayed in place, they sat comfortably on the face despite initial concerns about them looking too big and both the low and high visibility lenses were great to look through and remained that way in all weather conditions.

We don’t know about you but we love having interchangeable lenses and normally ski with a spare lens in the backpack. So we were pleased that this option was available. The system was slightly different to what we are used to but after a bit of fiddling and getting over our fears of breaking the goggles (they are super robust) we soon got used to it and it became surprisingly easy to swap the lenses around.

Sun God Revolts | Boundless Betty

Pro’s & Con’s:


✔️ Easily interchangeable lenses – great for all conditions (& outfits if that’s your thing) ✖️ Spare lens doesn’t come in a hard case so we were slightly concerned about bashing it in the backpack
✔️ Fog free ✖️ The design phase is a very easy place to waste away a lot of time!
✔️Great peripheral vision
✔️ Lifetime Guarantee – Moving towards sustainability which in our book is a Winner!
✔️Super reasonable price tag
✔️ Loving the “design your own” function


Sun God Custom Revolts | Boundless Betty Our Verdict

Apart from getting way to distracted by the design phase (turns out the decision between snow green and snow pink was a tough call), we think these goggles are awesome! They’re comfy, they work and they look great, not really much more we could have asked for. So heres a massive thumbs up form the team at Boundless Betty and the Women’s Mountian Club

If you have any more questions or want to share your views about the Sun God Custom Revolts then feel free to post a comment below or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.


Why not book onto one of our women’s ski camps and put the goggles to the test yourself!

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