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OCEAN MIMIC //  Fighting our plastic habit and making waves on Bali beaches

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Ocean Mimic

Emma and Chelsea decided it was enough. Enough plastic in our lives, in our oceans, on our beaches around the world. Disgusted with the amount of trash that could be found anywhere at any time they took the matter in their own hands, moved to Bali and created Ocean Mimic, a clean-up community and sustainable surfwear just launched through a Kick Starter campaign. Boundless Betty chatted to them about their new venture:

What made you take the risks to travel to Bali and start this movement?

Chelsea: The movement was born on an island in Malaysia, Emma and I were exposed to so much plastic that required both dive and beach cleanups that it really opened our eyes to the problem. We’re both pretty comfortable taking risks and we’re very passionate about the ocean so for us it’s such an exciting project, we’re happy to put our everything into it.

Emma: We felt so passionate about the plastic crisis in Bali that we felt we had no choice but to act and to do it straight away! I’m a big believer in living life fully and that means taking risks. Both Chelsea and I have put everything into Ocean Mimic – it’s scary but more than that it is very exciting!

Chelsea: Indonesia is the second greatest contributor to ocean plastic pollution. We were devastated when we saw it first-hand when we first arrived in Bali and wanted to create something that could make a real difference.

What has been your favourite part of the journey so far?

E: The best part for me so far has been the cleanups. They have been growing so fast and now we have a huge turnout. The atmosphere is always electric and everyone is so supportive and friendly. Every single week I feel so proud and I really feel hopeful that we really are making a difference.

 C: Definitely the cleanups, I’m so proud of everyone, we’ve built a community from scratch and the support we have received every week is incredible, from volunteers but also from the community. We’ve just introduced reward cards from local businesses and it’s been a great opportunity for everyone to work together and strive for the same goals. I’m excited to see the movement grow and reach more people!

You are in the process of launching your own sustainable swimwear company as well as the cleanup community. Tell us more about that:

Emma: The swimwear line is the vehicle to fund the movement. Without it, the movement will lose momentum. The whole purpose is to inspire people to protect the ocean through our ocean inspired prints and patterns,” explains Emma “We see the brand as a recognisable uniform for those who join Ocean Mimic.

Chelsea: This March, we are launching our Kickstarter campaign for our eco-friendly product line. We will be releasing swimwear made of recycled plastic, T-shirts and more. All the products are inspired by the ocean we are trying to protect. For every $1 spent we promise to pick up 100g trash from the beaches and the oceans. Later on in the year, we will be opening up our online store and all this will continue to fund our clean-up movement.

What future do you see for the oceans and other natural playgrounds?

C: Hopefully more and more people will start becoming aware of the urgency and all these different initiatives and plastic free movements will urge people to reconsider their options. I am hopeful for the future, it’s important to remain optimistic and keep moving forward.

E: I see more and more efforts going towards protecting the oceans and restoring them to their previous glory. For me, there is no other way to envision the future because without hope we have nothing to work towards. The oceans are strong but they can’t continue like this and I think the world is waking up.

Ocean Mimic has launched its Kickstarter campaign. If you are in Bali, you can join the girls every Sunday on Berawa Beach (Canggu area) for their weekly clean up. Ocean Mimic is also a Facebook page and group where Emma and Chelsea empower their followers to ditch their plastic habits with helpful tips and tricks.


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