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Career Crush: The Salty Club Founders

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Salty Souls

“a global community of active, audacious and adventurous women”

Who are you guys? What is the Salty Club?

Short version, we’re Ariane, Caitlin, Marie-Christine and Erika. Three Canadians and an Australian who for the last 3 years, have been living in between Central America, South America, Canada, Indonesia and Australia, chasing waves and building a global community of active, audacious and adventurous women. Women who know they were meant to live a bold and epic life.

After years of running transformative travel experiences in El Salvador and Ecuador with Salty Souls Experience, we started to realise how deeply training, yoga, nutrition, empowerment and community work together to create one powerful human.  The Salty Club is an online membership for people who want more surf, yoga, nutrition, inspiration and community in and around their lives.

We are four surf-obsessed women who each have their own little field of expertise. Ariane is the queen of making nutrition quick, easy, delicious and most importantly, realistic (no perfection required.) Caitlin is the storyteller, who interviews rad people who want to share their stories, advice and experiences with you. Erika is the barefoot, wine drinking, life enthusiast yoga teacher who wants to lead you through a range of convenient, different yoga sequences. Marie-Christine is the most surf obsessed of us all, who creates surf-inspired workouts to keep you wave-ready year-round.

Caitlin, what made you want to produce interviews and share them?

Caitlin: Everything I do always leads back to the fact I want women to know they do not have to settle in life. Not in their relationships, in their geographic location, their friendships, their career, their anything. The world needs confident women. When women learn to trust themselves, and trust that they deserve to create a life that feels good for them, and trust that they are resilient enough to live through whatever life might throw at them, they are less likely to settle for sub-par situations. And they set an example for other women too.

This is why I think the sharing the real stories of other bold, courageous, passionate, creative, adventurous humans are so, so important.  Stories of other like minded humans make us feel less alone. They give us hope, sometimes instruction, sometimes community. That’s why it’s important to me to share the stories of people who are living their own ‘normal.’ Because there is no one size fits all for life. There are a million ways to live a life of freedom, creation, adventure, passion and purpose. Through the podcast I hope to show people how.

“Yoga, for me is home”

Erika, where did you study yoga/ meditation?

Erika: 200 Hours at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Indonesia (Hatha, Yin, Energy healing) 200 hours at The Practice Canggu, Indonesia, (Traditional Hatha and Tantra)

Why are you passionate about yoga and what role does it play in your life?

 Erika: Yoga, for me is home. It has no walls, no roof, no address, but it is the place I always come back to, no matter the weather. It is where make space for my greatest and clearest ideas to bloom.

What would you like more people to understand about yoga?

Erika: That yoga isn’t about being able (or not) to touch your toes or pop a handstand. Yoga is exactly what stays unchanged and undisturbed throughout this whole rollercoaster of life. Yoga is the practice that allows you to both press pause and withdraw, as well as  stay centred, in-tune and present in any condition. It is the union with oneself, and with all living things. The rise of energetic awareness. The realization that everything’s connected.

With the Salty Club, I’ve got the desire to share with you what yoga means to me. What works for me, as we grow and learn together.

I am eager to help you navigate a world of subtleties and guide you to a place where your mind can relax, letting other parts of yourself speak.

MC, what made you decide to create a range of surf-inspired workouts?

MC: The truth is that even though I’m an active person, I’m really not a fan of working out. Surfing and playing outside is way more fun, but it isn’t always accessible. This is why I created a range of simple workouts that will help people move in different planes of motion while improving their balance, mobility and strength. Workouts that can be done anywhere and don’t require any special equipment, or much time. If you’re into surfing, you’ll definitely want to train the right muscles to aid you out in the water so that next time you hit the water, you hit it with confidence!

“I believe in nutrition. I don’t believe in bullshit”

 Ari, why are you so passionate about nutrition?

Ariane: I believe everybody should make a transition to a healthier food diet for environmental, physical/mental health and economic reasons. I believe in science first and I hate trends. I don’t believe in restrictions and banning. I feel like right now, there is no in-between in the nutrition world. You either have these chefs that offer more classic food recipes, mostly meat-oriented and generally unhealthy.

Then, as we all know, is the total extreme, the super strict vegans with perfectly aligned bodies and souls. At the age of 30, it’s been 3 years in a row that I am a failure at my New Years resolution to drink at least 2 litres of water today. Sometimes I accidentally drink 4 coffees first thing in the morning or have brownies for dinner. I swear two times a sentence and laugh at my own jokes. I just can’t pretend I have it all together! So that’s why I wanted to create something that showed people, ‘I get it.’ It is not always easy to integrate healthier habits into your life.

You can do health without calling your body a temple or becoming a kale-munching hippie. I believe in nutrition. I don’t believe in bullshit.

“We have learnt how to practice open, honest, clear communication and constantly realign our values all the time to make sure we’re still all walking in the same direction”

Do you girls ever fight? And what about?

We have been closely in each others lives for years now, so the relationship has become more like sisters, and like all sisters, differences definitely arise at times and need to be worked through. We have found the only way out of conflict, tension or disagreements is through; we have learnt how to practice open, honest, clear communication and constantly realign our values all the time to make sure we’re still all walking in the same direction. We have to put our pride aside a lot and try to come back to a place of love as soon as possible. A business relationship is just like any other relationship- the good ones take work!

Where can we come play with you guys?!

Come play with us in the Salty Club! Learn more here 

Or Join one of our transformativeo retreats in Ecuador or El Salvador.


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