All Women’s Surf Camp Bali

Medewi, Bali, Indonesia

10 – 20 February 2019

11 days of surfing and adventuring & pushing limits on our All Women’s Surf Camp Bali

Nothing beats waking up in Bali to your breakfast of choice ready-made for you and the surf guides all set to take you surfing in high-quality waves every day. In our hotel in Medewi, Bali you will sleep in comfortable beds in clean rooms with AC and wifi, chill out in the hammocks with our unlimited supply of fresh coconuts and enjoy the delicious local food. Your days will be filled with surfing, surf theory, mindset sessions, nutritious and filling meals, chilling and exploration

Designed exclusively for 8 surfing ladies who want to challenge their comfort zones while learning to surf or progressing to the next level with our high-quality intermediate coaching.

This camp consists of surf coaching, photo analysis, theory sessions where we work on fear and confidence. It is a comprehensive and focused program with workshops, group sessions, and cultural experiences. We can guarantee you will go home with much-improved surf technique and new understanding and perspectives on how your mind works and how to overcome your fears and gain confidence.

The group is, limited to 8 to ensure your progression so book now to avoid missing out!

Trip Characteristics

Private Hotel

Medewi, Bali, Indonesia


8 max. guests

Breakfast & Dinner

From $1,092

All Levels

Airport pick up & drop off

10 nights

Just for the Girls

Rental Gear Available

Quality waves

What’s Included…

  • 10 nights accommodation
  • 2 Surf sessions a day with our excellent surf guides
  • Transport to and from surf and other activities
  • Photo analysis sessions and all your photos to keep
  • 3 IN sessions (mental workshops) and daily Group sessions Surf theory sessions
  • Delicious and healthy breakfasts and dinners
  • Unlimited coconuts, fresh fruit and drinking water
  • A day of adventure in Bali
  • Airport transfer from Denpasar

…and what’s not

  • Flights to Bali
  • Travel insurance (this is mandatory to have sorted prior to arrival at the camp and must cover you for all aspects of the trip including cancelation)
  • Board rental – You can rent one from us for €50 for the whole retreat
  • Lunches
  • Other drinks than water
  • USB to store your photos
  • Note book
  • Water bottle

The Experience

Surf the waves of your life together with your girls crew and get a taste of the real Balinese culture when we attend local ceremonies and events. Experience the feeling of a bunch of girls having your back as you explore your limits and how to push them. At the same time, enjoy the rewarding feeling of helping others reach their goals. Being a part of the IN crew will leave you with memories for life.


The Camp is situated in a perfect location, just down the road from Medewi point; which is claimed to be the longest left-hander in Bali! The wave is mellow but still powerful and it’s perfect for intermediate beginners to advanced surfers. There are also several other spots around if you want a less crowded option.


We have a beginners group so if you have surfed once or twice before this, this is the group for you! The only requirement for joining is that you want to challenge yourself and that you enjoy spending time in the water. The beginner group has max 2 ladies to one instructor.

You will learn the basics of surfing from qualified instructors during the day and share your experiences with the other ladies in the evenings while learning to make sense of it all in the headspace sessions. We guarantee you will experience accomplishment, inspiration, support, and strength during your stay

Our intermediate group is for you if you have surfed a little or a lot before and have gotten to the stage where you are at least trying to catch green waves on your own. The focus in this group is mainly how to increase your wave count and feel confident in the water. What happens in your head when you sit on your board and watch other people catch waves instead of doing it yourself?

In addition to boosting your confidence, you will learn to analyse your technique from watching photos of yourself so that you can be your own coach after you leave.


We have the hotel to ourselves, it’s surrounded by jungle and little farms with an empty beach just two minutes walk from your room. You can choose between having your own room or sharing with one other person. All rooms are high standard and have AC, WiFi and en-suite bathrooms.

All breakfasts and dinners are cooked by the wife and the mother of the hotel owner. These two lovely ladies are excellent cooks and provide a wide range of local dishes every evening so you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like. They are also great at accommodating dietary needs and keep surprising us with little desserts and fresh fruit when we least expect it. For lunch we will eat in the village most of the time, to make sure we support all the little local businesses as well, this is the time where you can choose to eat whatever you feel like.

A few helpful tips:
  • The temperature in Bali is a pretty stable 27 °C – 30 °C throughout the year – Pack your sunscreen! At this time of year it will be humid.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your entry to Indonesia
  • You must also have a valid return ticket or a ticket out of Indonesia within the expiration time of your visa
  • The visa requirements change frequently in Indonesia so the best tip is to double check with the Indonesian Embassy in your country as early as possible prior to your trip.
  • If you want to bring a surfboard with you check out the airline policies for surfboards before booking your ticket
  • Reef booties are a good idea
  • Long sleeve rash vest and surf leggings will save you from the discomfort of sunburn.


The days at an IN Camp don’t leave much room for getting bored. The program will change depending on tides and swell but an average day will look something like this:

Unless we surf at sunrise, we start the day with the breakfast of your choice, prepared by our kitchen staff. You can have anything from porridge to pancakes to eggs to fruit salad or all of it if you really need to load up on energy.

Before we leave the hotel we have a chat about everyone’s goals and expectations for the day. Are you excited, apprehensive, is there something in particular you want to work on today? By sharing it with the group the others will know how to support you in the water and you will feel more committed to your goals.

Next, we pack the boards on the car and head to whatever surf break provides the best conditions for us that day. If there participants are different levels, we split up into smaller groups and the instructors take their group to the spot most suited for them. The sessions usually last around two hours, or as long as anyone has strength and energy left.

After a surf and food we head back to the hotel, have a shower and some rest and then we do a theory session. This can be one of the IN sessions on fear and mental barriers or a surf theory session like the rules and psychology of the line up.

Then it’s time for another surf session followed by delicious dinner and then either photo analysis from today’s surf or well deserved chill time.

In addition to these regular days we do some excursions:

– We have one day off to explore Balinese culture and nature with a local guide.
– We travel to a local pool where we practice duckdiving technique and visit the local market

– We spend an afternoon in a five star resort where you can chill by the pool, have a massage or jump through an artificial waterfall before we enjoy an exclusive dinner at the beach together.

If any local events like weddings, surf contests or other celebrations come up, we modify the program to give you as much of an authentic experience as possible.


  1. 0 out of 5

    This surfcamp is different because it is an all girls group pushing limits together. The surf guides are mature and professional, you get to deal with your mental issues in the IN sessions, detailed in-depth photo analysis, a very small group with such a supportive atmosphere, focused duck-dive practice and learning about breath holds

  2. 0 out of 5

    This surf camp was exactly what I needed after being stuck with my surfing for a while. It is the perfect combination of an intense sleep-eat-surf-repeat program added with cultural experiences and really valuable group sessions where you learn to understand your fears and how to deal with them, how to set goals, how to improve your technique and change your way of thinking. The coaches are very professional, they made me feel safe in the water whilst pushing my comfort zone… and all with a smile. These guys will help you get some unforgettable waves. The fact that it’s quite a small group of girls makes it easy to become friends quickly and it was so nice to have this GIRL POWER support for each other both in the line up and back on land during the sessions. Accommodation and food – amazing. Unlimited coconuts?! Woop woop!
    Thank you for helping me get my stoke back!

  3. 0 out of 5

    Just spent an unbelievable 10 days surfing with an amazing group of people. Every part of the camp was done with so much thought and detail, from the meals to the surf to the free time. These guys know that so much more comes into play when we surf (not just the physical side but the mental side, the social side, and the effects it has on the rest of our life). I also nd it different because the camp is so clearly rooted in the local community, and it’s so good to hear how important it is to give back to the locals where you surf.

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Any last questions? (FAQ)

The surf camp is just down the road from Medewi point which is claimed to be the longest left-hander in Bali! The wave is mellow, but still powerful and it’s perfect for beginners with a little experience and intermediate to advanced surfers. There are also several other spots around if you want a less crowded option. The surf camp is surrounded by jungle and little farms with an empty beach just two minutes walk from your room.
For some handy tips on what you might want to pack click here
This is where we dive into our minds and work on understanding why we are holding ourselves back and what we can do to cheer ourselves on instead. Understanding what happens in our head is the key to doing something about it. You will become aware of how you sabotage yourself and you will learn strategies to change your defaults from sabotage to support. In the IN sessions we work both individually and together as a group and you will learn from the experiences of the rest of the group as well you own.
You will get great quality personalised instruction to maximise your progression as there is a max of 3 participants to each instructor
Bali has quality waves year round. During European winter the swell is smaller and less crowded.
The Visa requirements change quite frequently in Indonesia so the best tip is to double check with the Indonesian embassy in your country minimum two months prior to your trip. At the time of writing this, most western countries can enter Indonesia without a visa and stay for 30 days.
At least a month before departure, check in with your GP or a travel vaccination clinic to inquire about vaccines necessary for Indonesia. This is constantly changing so always get updated information.
The currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah. We recommend that you bring two credit cards that can be used to withdraw money abroad. When traveling you should always have a backup card in case something happens to your first one.
Yes, travel insurance is a MUST. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance to cover you for all aspects this trip (remember that surfing is an action sport), including cancelation. Go fund me campaigns for people who have accidents abroad without insurance are becoming increasingly common and less supported!
You can cancel, however please note that €200 is kept as a non refundable deposit and if you cancel with 14 days or less remaining before arrival day at the camp, the entire amount is non refundable.

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