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Who are we

We’re a community of incredible adventure seeking women, dreaming big, laughing a lot and
living for the outdoors!

We’ve sourced an insane selection of authentic and unique adventure and sport based women’s weekends, retreats and holidays from around the world and put them on one platform so you are easily able to search and make a booking.

All are hosted by super passionate providers in amazing destinations and all offer an unforgettable and real experience with a kick ass crew of like minded ladies. You never need to adventure alone!

We offer a diverse choice to create a mind blowing hub of inspiration no matter which sport is floating your boat, be it yoga, kitesurfing, skiing, trail running, surfing the list goes on…

Our mission is to encourage, inspire, empower and ease accessibility for all women into outdoor adventure sports.

We hope that by opening the door to this world, we can help to increase self-confidence as well as environmental awareness through a “love of your playground”. One thing is certain, we will continue to prove, that every day is even more awesome when you end it with salty skin, tangled hair and the glow of the day’s adventures shining on your face.

Join us on the journey to promote the pursuit of adventure!

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