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5 reasons why 2019 is the year you should go on a Women’s Kitesurfing Retreat

Jenny Troeber Ocean, Be Encouraged 5 Comments

Can you remember the last time you were utterly selfish and took the time to so do something just for you, not because you wanted to please someone or because you had to, we’re talking just for you?! If you’re still thinking now might be the time!

So, apart from the fact that sharing salty session with your sisters followed by beers on the beach sounds insanely good, here are 5 pretty fantastic reasons we think 2019 is the year YOU should go on a women’s kitesurf retreat.

1. There is no better way to be inspired than by surrounding yourself with other like-minded active ladies

There is no denying that when strong, passionate women are brought together they can be beyond awesome when it comes to encouraging and inspiring each other to take on new challenges, step out of their comfort zone and face their fears.

This not only sets an insanely good atmosphere to progress in your kitesurfing but builds bonds that reach far beyond the realms of the sport that initially brought you together.

You’re guaranteed to leave your women’s kitesurf holiday with way more than a suntan and some new skills, chances are you will have forged friendships that last forever and feel inspired to face new challenges.

2. It’s a fantastic way to discover a new kitesurfing destination

You’re pretty much certain to be kitesurfing in someone’s favourite spot, that’s why they have chosen to host a women’s kitesurfing retreat there. They’ll have the low down on the location and insider’s knowledge of the spot and all its hidden gems, giving you the best insight not to mention experience, of a new destination.

There will also be support on hand both on and off the water from your hosts as well as the other ladies on the retreat, taking away any insecurities that you might have about heading to a new spot or traveling alone.

3. In today’s world of the constant hustle wouldn’t it be a dream just to go on a kitesurfing escape and have everything arranged for you?

Of course! If you join a women’s kite surfing holiday everything will be arranged for you from accommodation and local transfers to supervision and instruction at the kite spot. All sorted in one easy booking.

This means you can relax and look forward to your holiday without having to spend hours, that let’s be honest, we don’t really have, researching and worrying about the spot, where to hire gear, instructors, conditions, accommodation, logistics and everything else that goes with a self-planned trip.

4. A women’s kitesurf retreat offers you the chance to progress

Most women’s retreats are designed to accommodate beginner to advanced kitesurfers where you’ll be split into ability dependent groups while kiting. This means you’ll be hanging out on the water with ladies that face the same struggles, so you can encourage and learn to from each other as well as from the expert tuition on offer if that’s what you’ve gone for.

As we previously highlighted women are awesome at supporting and inspiring each other, so surrounded by all those positive vibes any insecurities will melt away and that new trick or skill you’ve been trying to nail will suddenly seem super easy.

5. It’s an amazing gift to give yourself

Most of us are constantly on the go, we lead super stressful lives in a crazy competitive environment and are guilty of not making any meaningful time for ourselves.

We have decided that 2019 is the year of self-love, and that we need to be a little kinder to ourselves and do things that set our soul on fire and revitalises us.

A women’s kitesurfing retreat might just be the perfect gift to give yourself to reconnect, make time for a little self-love and reignite that infectious twinkle that dances in your eyes.

There’s only one way to find out!

Why not start by exploring the women’s kitesurf retreats that Boundless Betty has on offer here.

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      Hey Heather, that’s great to hear!
      When are you looking to go away? We would be super happy to jump on a call with you to discuss further. Let us know if that would be useful.
      We hope that you’re having a great weekend.

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